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Link Building Agency for E-commerce

Link Building for e-commerce
How to use Link Building in Virtual Store SEO

Link Building is one of the oldest and most effective SEO strategies. In general, through Link Building for E-commerce it is possible to increase the domain's authority and relevance through internal and external (off page) linking strategies.

Main pilars of Link Building for e-commerce

Link Building for e-commerce

One of the main pillars of any Link Building action is Strategy. It is through this that we identify the need for optimization and linking of each page. As well as the placement of terms and which ones need Link Building support for E-commerce.

Link Building for e-commerce

Just like the linking itself (internal or external), the content is the basis for a good link building strategy for e-commerce. The content needs to be contextualized, humanized and well-planned so that the link can be well regarded by Google.

Link Building for e-commerce
Links e Backlinks

Links and Backlinks are the end results of a Link Building strategy for E-commerce. Being able to generate external links with good indicators, context and relevance is the key to success. The more natural and organic, the better its effectiveness.

Link Building Methodology for Online Store

✔️ Planning;

✔️ Partner Analysis;

✔️ Analysis of indicators;

✔️ Approval with the client;

✔️ Scenario analysis and searches;

✔️ Survey of pages;

✔️ Definition of themes;

✔️ Content review and analysis.

Key Performance Indicators for a Link Building Agency

Link Building Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is a set of metrics and data that help Google interpret the authority a domain has for certain content. Among the main analysis factors are: quality of external links, number of visits, conversions, time spent on pages, in addition to several other factors that Google ends up crossing.

Link Building
Page Authority

Page Authority (PA) is the indicator that helps to analyze in isolation the relevance of each page. Through the PA, it is possible to identify the pages that have more authority and relevance for Link Building strategies. Among the main points analyzed in the PA are: internal and external links, keywords, content relevance, text semantics and low amount of spam.

Link Building
Spam Score

Spam Score (SS) is the indicator that allows you to analyze whether a domain or URL is considered SPAM or not. The closer to ZERO the better. To define the SS, dozens of pieces of information are analyzed, such as: suspicious domains, domain numbers, fictitious phone numbers, absence of social profiles, absence of email, website without HTTPs, abnormal number of external links and others.

Link Building
BI Score

Last but not least, we have the BI Score, a BI algorithm created by Avanti that crosses more than 10 different indicators to analyze each URL and each domain of the Link Building strategies for E-commerce. Through the BI Score it is possible to identify great opportunities for content and channels to compose the strategy of Link Building On and Off site of the Online store.

Link Building Agency
Professionals involved in the Link Building E-commerce

• SEO Copywriter: Support and review of content from partners;
• SEO Analyst: SEO and linking requirements analysis;
• Link Building Analyst: URL evaluation and planning;
• UX/SEO Designer: Area analysis and suggestions;
• VTEX Developer: Corrections and Code Evolutions;
• VTEX Consultant: Support in admin and functionalities;
• SEO Service: Project demand flow;
• SEO Coordinator: Internal and strategic support;
• SEO Manager: Growth Strategies.

Differentials of a Link Building Specialized Agency

Link Building Agency

Team with extensive knowledge in code semantics and SEO structures to strengthen the PA (page authority) in the link building strategy.

Link Building Agency

Having in-depth knowledge of the main e-commerce platforms helps to make the most of the functionality of menus, pages and internal links.

Link Building Agency
SEO and UX

Having professionals with UX and all SEO steps experience is essential for the success of a good Link Building strategy for On and Off page E-commerce.

Link Building Agency

A good agency specialized in Link Building has its own network and partners used in different contexts and link building strategies.

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